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Alaca Kaya Ranch
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Anatolian Shepherds and
Queensland Heeler Cattle Dogs

Teshir on Perimeter Check

In Loving Memory of "Enchanted's Teshir Zampara"  4/14/1999 to 8/30/2005
We lost Teshir to Bloat, on August 30, 2005  It was devastating. Anatolian owners please check into what Bloat is and what can be done to keep your ASD from having it happen to them.  There is a proceedure to attach thier stomache to another organ or intestines, so that the stomache cannot twist.
Being a Large breed dog, Anatolians are predipositioned to having this happen. With every year of your dogs life the risk increases, after age 5 the risk of bloat goes up cosiderably.
I went to bed with a healthy, happy, ASD. I woke up to find him critically ill, and dying. I had never heard of bloat, nor did I know Anatolians were prone to getting it.
If I had known, I could have prevented his death, with a simple surgical proceedure, that can be done at the same time you have your pet spayed or nuetered, they can sew the stomache to something so it can't twist.
In memory of "Teshir" please protect your ASD from bloat.



girl on left - boy on right

Pups born Jan.1, 2006
Sired by "Dallas"  Red Male w/ Full Red Mask
Dam "Sister" Blue/Red w/Black mask
We have 1 female for $250 and 1 male for $200 available now. 8 weeks old tails docked,dew claws removed, first shot and worming
Site Updated Feb.. 27, 2006


Enchanted's Teshir Zampara (Charming Cassanova)
Watching over the kids at the river

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We are located in Northern California, Greater Sacramento Area

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